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Presidents' Page


 Evelyn Goodsell

State Organisation President

2019 - 2021



 State President’s Welcome Report July 2019

Little did I ever consider, when I joined Delta Kappa Gamma, thirty years ago, that I would one day be elected the President of GB! Nothing could have been further from my thoughts.

I had joined the Association quite by accident. Sandra Blackerand I were both infant teachers at a Primary school in Tonbridge. One day we saw in our staff-room a poster inviting teachers to Brenchley school to explore different ways of using Unifix bricks. We decided we would go along and expected to know other teachers when we arrived. But no, the women we met were complete strangers to us although they obviously knew each other very well. They were very friendly and made us feel welcome so we stayed. At the end of the session, they all took out sandwiches and we took our leave and went to the pub puzzling who on earth these people were. Sometime later we received an invitation to meet them again and, after a good deal of trepidation, eventually joined DKG!

At that time I hadn’t been a teacher for very long as circumstances had not permitted me to go on to University when I left MaidstoneGrammar School at sixteen. I had to train as a Comptometer Operator at a college in London and start to earn my living.

It was not until long after I was married and had two children, who were now at school, that I decided I should capitalise on my education and do something more stimulating. I had heard of this college in London, Sydney Webb, which trained ‘mature students’ to be teachers. It was part-time, two evenings a week and some Saturdays for three years, and full-time for the final year. I applied. I had to take an examination, and was accepted

Not having enough money to give up my day job with The Charities Aid Foundation, I continued with it for the three years, dashing down to the station at the end of the day to catch the train to London.

At the end of the four years I gained my teacher’s certificate and taught, quite happily, for the next thirty years.

It was some time before I really understood the workings of DKG, and I must confess I nearly resigned, but once I had attended a Conference in Canterbury, my understanding became clear and I have enjoyed the friendship of the members in GB and in all the other countries.

I have attended all the European Regional conferences and most of the International ones since Toronto.

I have had the privilege of serving on an International Committee and being an International Speaker. I have been a Chapter Treasurer and President and GB State Treasurer, but never aspired to be State President

I have a very hard act to follow. Kathy was such a competent, efficient President. Hopefully, when I return from the DKG International Convention in Iceland, my task will become clearer but, even though I will do my best, I know I shall need all your support.



Penny Kinnear

Alpha Chapter President









Alpha Chapter Report Spring 2020

Alpha Chapter continues to enjoy a range of visits and speakers, covering a variety of topics. Our Summer Outing in June was an interesting visit to Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing exploring the newly renovated Manor house as well as the thought-provoking Anish Kapoor Exhibition. The annual visit to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in July proved as fascinating as ever with amazing and impressive exhibits – many “hands-on”. Our Business meeting at the end of the year in July centered around planning for the year ahead, as well as discussing options for next year's State Conference.

In September, a small group of Alpha members enjoyed a “finger-licking” workshop experience at the ChocolateMuseum in Brixton, where we got to make our own chocolates. Recommended!!

Revitalisation was the main topic of our first Business meeting of the year in October, where we discussed how well our various visits to schools with our Book Donations had gone. We have still to attract any potential new members from this.

In November Anne Goldstein (Gamma Chapter) gave us a presentation on the theme of "Inspirational Stories". She shared some of her favourite stories from different world faiths as well as some from her own Jewish family. We enjoyed the interactive parts to the presentation where we explored ideas about ourselves and made crosses out of cutting and folding A4 paper.

Our Christmas celebration, originally planned as a walk to see the lights at CanaryWharf unfortunately didn't happen, as the display had been rescheduled for January. However, that didn't stop us enjoying a catch-up chat in the Docklands Museum Cafe with some members paying a quick visit to the Christmas Themed Exhibition upstairs before a lovely lunch at the nearby Ledger Room.

In January, Nuala Garvey introduced us to the modern Apprenticeship – very different to perceptions and knowledge of how we used to see apprenticeships. A great way for people to find their route into the workplace without going down that of University with fees and huge debts at the end.

Our business meeting in February included an update on Revitalisation, discussion on the Alpha Chapter Programme, possible future venues and the DKG Conference.

In March we had Tina O'Connor telling us about her role as a PPA (Pupil Personal Advisor) in a girls' Secondary School. Tina was a pioneer and instrumental in setting up this role for Counselling and Pastoral Care, when she saw the need in a school which she and her daughters had once attended.


Carole Stirling

Gamma Chapter President  

2018 - 2020


Gamma Chapter President's Report,August 2019

I can’t believe it’s the end of our ‘academic year’ already!  When I look back we have shared some rich and fascinating meetings on wide and diverse topics.   The year got off to a stimulating start when Jean Brushfield shared with us how to read people’s body language.  We all learnt a lot and the session made us more aware of not only other people’s unconscious movements but also of our own.

Early in March we had a very well attended meeting with six new people joining us.  This followed a concentrated effort to publicise the talk by Liz Strang on Picasso’s Women.  It made me realise how much I had to learn about Picasso.  What a treat it was not only to look in depth at some of his paintings but to learn about his private life.  I had no idea of the complexities of his paintings and his life.  Later in March we were treated to a meeting with Tracy Harvey who is the portage lead for Kent.  She told us about her role and the provisions for children with special educational needs and their families.

We had a practical meeting in May when Sue Constance explained the origins of ‘Circle Dance’ and then we all had the opportunity to learn some.  It was great fun and meant that we had all had at least some exercise that day! Our meeting in June was a mixture of sadness and excitement – sadness that the Pestalozzi village as we know it will cease to exist but excitement at the prospect for the regeneration of the organisation in new premises.  Watch this space..........

Our main aim now must be to maintain the momentum for the revitalisation project.  We need to evaluate the success of our initiative and plan what our next steps will be.  I still find this an incredibly exciting and challenging time in our history.  We must all think about and be prepared to discuss ideas for the future.  The future looks bright and exciting.  See you there!