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Canterbury Award

The Canterbury Award has become well-established over the years with the aim of helping members develop both as educators and as enthusiastic members of the Society. It was the idea of Dorothy Haley after a financially successful state conference held at the University of Kent in Canterbury in 1984.
Since then Members have undertaken diverse and interesting projects.
There are two avenues members might follow to be considered for the award. Either it will subsidise an educational project that you would like to pursue, or the money could go towards expenses for first time travel to a DKG International Conference. In 2020 this will be held in Philadelphia, 2021 Turku, Finland, and 2022 New Orleons. they are always lots of fun.

Educational Project
The Award committee would need to consider the aim and an outline of your project, and the programme you would anticipate following during the year.  They would also hope that your work would be of benefit, not only to your own development, but also to those who would share the results of your scheme.
The Committee would ultimately require a report, which could be used either in the Newsletter or at a State Convention

Travel Award.
During years when the Award is not granted to support a project the Canterbury Award becomes available to members of Delta Kappa Gamma who would appreciate the opportunity to attend a state or international convention for the first time.  Meeting a wider selection of members from different regions and countries, one realises the scope of the Society, its full potential and its inspirational message to those in the field of education.
Once again, a report to the Committee would be expected.

A decision will be made by the Awards Committee in adequate time for you to make arrangements and implement plans.

In both cases your application should be endorsed by a professional colleague or a member of DKG.

Applications must be posted or e-mailed by March 4th 2020

A decision will be made by the Awards Committee in adequate time for you to make arrangements and implement plans.

Chairman of Awards Committee:   Mrs Liz Malik     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Report of Unity Harvey          Canterbury Award Recipient 2018

Report of Zoe Newman         Canterbury Award Recipient 2012

Report of Sue Blackburn        Canterbury Award Recipient 2015

Report of Bettina Kulsdom     Canterbury Award Recipient 2014