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Canterbury Award

Great Britain initiated the Canterbury Award in 1984 with the aim of helping members of DKG develop both as educators and as enthusiastic members of the Society.

The award can be given for one of two reasons.

1. Educational Project

As an enthusiastic and knowledgeable member of DKG Great Britain, you have the opportunity and encouragement to research and undertake an educational project for yourself.  This will benefit your own development, in addition to sharing this interest with your fellow members. 

The Society would assist your purpose and provide up to £300 towards your expenses.
The Award Committee would need to consider the aim and an outline of your project, and the programme you would anticipate following during the year. 
It  would expect a written report on the DKG website, in the GB News and at an annual State due course

  2. Travel Award 

There may be a year in which an educational project has not been awarded. In this case there would be a golden opportunity for a DKG Great Britain member who had not been fortunate in attending a State or Regional Conference or International Convention before and who would benefit from financial assistance.
The result of accompanying other members to the Society's events and meeting a wide range of different educators across the spectrum would prove to be a special experience not to be missed.
Once again a short report to the Award Committee would be expected and submitted shortly after the conference. 

 In both cases the application should be endorsed by a professional colleague or a member of DKG.

Applications must be posted or e-mailed by January 2019

A decision will be made by the Awards Committee in adequate time for you to make arrangements and implement plans.

Mary Wardrop has handed over to Liz Malik, the new chair of the Awards Committee.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Report of Zoe Newman         Canterbury Award Recipient 2012

Report of Sue Blackburn        Canterbury Award Recipient 2015

Report of Bettina Kulsdom     Canterbury Award Recipient 2014